Our Story





Welcome to Woven Roots,

Born from a love of colour, pattern and textiles, Woven Roots are passionate about sharing this love to add warmth, beauty and soul to your home.

Growing up in a home adorned with our own beautiful kilims from my grandfather’s family village in Pirot Yugoslavia, helped cement our appreciation for the dying skill of these unparalleled, hand woven rugs.  My great grandmother’s Kilim still hangs on my parents’ wall, after spending years as a floor rug.  It is well over 80 years old, in as new condition and the colours are still vibrant.  Another Kilim rug my oldest brother has in his home is in the same condition. These were woven to last generations.


Our family's cultural heritage birthed the name Woven Roots.


Our Turkish Kilim cushion covers have almost always originated from a well loved vintage rug. These rugs may have been damaged or worn from years of use.  Since there is still so much beauty and life left in the rug, parts that can be salvaged are recycled and sewn into cushion covers.  Not one is the same, they are all individual pieces and could have flaws, signs of wear or the odd, small mend here and there. This is what makes these authentic and treasures. These covers are all professionally washed and ready to use in your home.  

The real beauty of Kilim Cushion Covers is that there are no rules. Mix and match or find ones that compliment each other.


Our rugs are timeless, vintage pieces and either hand loomed or hand knotted.  The age of our vintage rugs can range from 30-80 years.  They have been lovingly cared for and have lived a rich life with many more years left to shine. In some cases due to the age of these rugs, they may have worn piles.

These are carefully selected and for their age and wear are still in impressive condition. Again, these rugs are professionally washed and ready to use.  


Enjoy the journey of uncovering your own timeless piece.